RAL 370-2 # Design

HEX Triplet:
254, 169, 66
0, 57, 91, 0
33°, 74%, 100%
Closest colors:
in RAL Classic:
RAL 1033
in RAL Design:
RAL 060 70 70
in RAL Effect:
RAL 380-1
What vehicles can be of RAL 370-2 color?
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What vehicles can be of RAL 370-2 color?

RAL 370-2 color example: Toy truck is driving on a dirt road in the woods with rocks and trees in the background
RAL 370-2 color example: Futuristic looking shark with glowing eyes and a flashlight in its mouth is shown in this image
Painting of a yellow sports car on a wet street in the rain. Color RGB 254,169,66.
Monster truck driving through a desert with trees in the background. Color RAL 370-2.
RAL 370-2 is a medium light shade of orange with a hexadecimal color code of #FEA942.

This color can be used for various types of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, trucks, trains, boats, planes, and more.

However, the choice of color depends on the personal preference, the purpose, and the context of the vehicle.

Some possible examples of vehicles that can be of RAL 370-2 color are:
  • A sports car that wants to stand out from the crowd and attract attention with its bright and vibrant color.
    RAL 370-2 can also create a contrast with darker or metallic colors, such as black, silver, or gray, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the car.
  • A motorcycle that is used for racing or stunt performance, where RAL 370-2 can help the rider to be more visible and recognizable on the track or in the air.
    This color can also match the energy and excitement of the sport, as well as the personality and style of the rider.
  • A bicycle that is used for commuting or leisure, where RAL 370-2 can make the cyclist more noticeable and safer on the road, especially in low-light or foggy conditions.
    This color can also reflect the fun and joy of cycling, as well as the individuality and creativity of the cyclist.
  • A bus that is used for public transportation or tourism, where RAL 370-2 can create a friendly and welcoming impression for the passengers and the locals.
    RAL 370-2 can also make the bus more distinctive and memorable, as well as easier to spot and locate in a busy or crowded area.
  • A truck that is used for delivery or cargo, where RAL 370-2 can help the driver to be more alert and attentive on the road, as well as to avoid collisions or accidents with other vehicles.
    This color can also make the truck more identifiable and trustworthy, as well as more appealing and attractive for the customers and the clients.
  • A train that is used for regional or intercity travel, where RAL 370-2 can create a modern and innovative image for the railway company and the destination.
    RAL 370-2 can also make the train more inviting and comfortable for the travelers, as well as more efficient and reliable for the operators.
  • A boat that is used for fishing or sailing, where RAL 370-2 can help the boat to be more visible and safe on the water, especially in cloudy or stormy weather.
    This color can also make the boat more adventurous and enjoyable for the crew and the passengers, as well as more harmonious and beautiful with the sea and the sky.
  • A plane that is used for commercial or private flight, where RAL 370-2 can create a unique and distinctive identity for the airline or the owner.
    RAL 370-2 can also make the plane more impressive and elegant for the pilots and the passengers, as well as more dynamic and graceful in the air.

Example of the palette with the RAL 370-2 color

Picture with primary colors of Dark jungle green, Dark slate gray, Cadet grey, Dim gray and Bole
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
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