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What does the Reed look like?

The Reed is a plant that grows by the water
It has a long stem and some leaves that are shorter
It bends with the wind but it never breaks
It makes a nice sound when the breeze shakes

Some animals like to nibble on the Reed
Like beavers and ducks and other birds that feed
But the Reed doesn't mind, it just grows some more
It's happy to share its greenery galore

The Reed is also useful for humans too
They can make baskets, flutes and paper too
They can weave them into mats or hats or boats
Or use them as straws to drink their favorite floats

The Reed is a plant that's humble and kind
It doesn't boast or brag or act unrefined
It just does its thing and enjoys its life
It doesn't cause trouble or stir up strife

So next time you see a Reed by the lake
Don't ignore it or think it's a mistake
Appreciate its beauty and its grace
And maybe even give it a friendly embrace

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