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NCS S 6020-Y30R

NCS S 6020-Y30R

HEX Triplet:
112, 67, 37
0, 50, 68, 60
24°, 67%, 44%
Closest colors:
in RGB:
Dark brown
in RAL Classic:
RAL 8008
in RAL Design:
RAL 050 30 36
in RAL Effect:
RAL 350-6
What color is NCS S 6020-Y30R?
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What color is NCS S 6020-Y30R?

NCS S 6020-Y30R color example: Digital painting of a man with blue hair and a blue shirt on his chest
Brown and black swirl pattern with a white background. Color NCS S 6020-Y30R.
Man with white hair on a wooden bench next to a building and wearing a brown jacket. Color CMYK 0,50,68,60.
Large rock on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean and a cliff in the background. Example of RGB 112,67,37 color.
NCS S 6020-Y30R color example: Character in a costume is standing on a rock with his mouth open and teeth wide open

Example of the palette with the NCS S 6020-Y30R color

Picture with primary colors of Pale gold, Shadow, Dark sienna, Smoky black and Dark lava
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
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RAL Classic
RAL 1000
RAL 6013
RAL 3007
RAL 9005
RAL 8014
RAL Design
RAL 075 80 40
RAL 080 50 20
RAL 080 20 10
RAL 170 20 20
RAL 050 20 10
RAL Effect
RAL 310-2
RAL 770-3
RAL 790-5
RAL 790-5
RAL 330-6

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