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NCS S 3560-Y90R

NCS S 3560-Y90R

HEX Triplet:
126, 17, 24
0, 95, 80, 50
356°, 87%, 49%
Closest colors:
in RGB:
UP Maroon
in RAL Classic:
RAL 3032
in RAL Design:
RAL 030 30 45
in RAL Effect:
RAL 350-5
in NCS:
NCS S 3560-Y80R
What color is NCS S 3560-Y90R?
2023-06-09 Snargl 1 minute 18 seconds

What color is NCS S 3560-Y90R?

Conference room with a red table and chairs and a large window overlooking a cityscape with a television. Example of CMYK 0,95,80,50 color.
Lake surrounded by red mountains and sand dunes with a blue sky in the background. Color RGB 126,17,24.
Red and black object is hanging from a chain on a table top with a red and yellow background. Color CMYK 0,95,80,50.
Room with a red wall and a red rug on the floor and a red couch with a red pillow. Color RGB 126,17,24.
Red flower with leaves floating in a pond of water with a red background. Example of RGB 126,17,24 color.
NCS S 3560-Y90R color. Cat dressed in armor and holding a sword in a field of flowers with a cloudy sky in the background
Painting of a sunset with a mountain in the background. Color RGB 126,17,24.
Man with a gun walking down a street in the snow with a car behind him and a car behind him. Color #7E1118.
NCS S 3560-Y90R means that this color has 35\% blackness, 60\% chromaticness, a red hue with 10\% yelowness.
In other words, it is a dark, saturated, reddish-brown color.
The RGB code of this color is (126, 17, 24) and the HEX code is #7E1118.
This color can be used for architectural purposes, such as painting aluminium or galvanised steel.

Example of the palette with the NCS S 3560-Y90R color

Picture with primary colors of Grullo, Coffee, Zinnwaldite, Old Gold and Desert sand
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