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NCS S 3010-Y10R

NCS S 3010-Y10R

HEX Triplet:
167, 153, 115
0, 10, 40, 38
44°, 31%, 65%
Closest colors:
in RGB:
in RAL Classic:
RAL 1019
in RAL Design:
RAL 070 60 20
in RAL Effect:
RAL 780-5
What color is NCS S 3010-Y10R?
2023-06-09 Snargl 1 minute 12 seconds

What color is NCS S 3010-Y10R?

Man with a crown on his head standing in front of a body of water with fish swimming around. Example of RGB 167,153,115 color.
Strange looking creature with large eyes and a long nose. Color RGB 167,153,115.
NCS S 3010-Y10R color example: Woman in a gold costume standing in front of a full moon with her hands on her hips
NCS S 3010-Y10R color example: Kitten on a window sill looking out the window at the desert outside of it
Green ring with a leaf design on it's center and a green stone in the middle of the ring. Color NCS S 3010-Y10R.
NCS S 3010-Y10R can be described as a light beige or sand color, similar to the color of some types of wood or sandstone.
It is a warm and natural color that can create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.
This color has a HEX code of #A79973, and RGB values of 167, 153, 115.
NCS S 3010-Y10R can be used for various purposes, such as painting walls, furniture, or metal objects, or designing websites, logos, or graphics.
It can be combined with other colors to create different effects, such as contrast, harmony, or balance.
For example, it can be paired with blue or green colors to create a cool and fresh contrast, or with orange or brown colors to create a warm and earthy harmony.
NCS S 3010-Y10R is a versatile and elegant color that can suit many styles and preferences.

Example of the palette with the NCS S 3010-Y10R color

Picture with primary colors of Bistre, Smoky black, Bisque, Battleship Grey and Light blue
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
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