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NCS S 2070-Y30R

NCS S 2070-Y30R

HEX Triplet:
222, 113, 0
0, 60, 100, 8
31°, 100%, 87%
Closest colors:
in RGB:
in RAL Classic:
RAL 2000
in RAL Design:
RAL 060 60 80
in RAL Effect:
RAL 370-6
What color is NCS S 2070-Y30R?
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What color is NCS S 2070-Y30R?

Digital painting of a woman with orange hair and blue eyes wearing an orange jacket and orange flowers on her shirt
Close up of a cat with a brown background. Color #DE7100.
NCS S 2070-Y30R color example: Close up of a fancy orange chair with a crown on it's back end
Painting of a girl with a fish in her hair. Color NCS S 2070-Y30R.
Painting of a snowy landscape with a house and trees in the foreground. Example of NCS S 2070-Y30R color.

Example of the palette with the NCS S 2070-Y30R color

Picture with primary colors of Rosewood, Chrome yellow, Dark coral, Burnt umber and Light salmon
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
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RAL Classic
RAL 3032
RAL 1037
RAL 3017
RAL 3013
RAL 1034
RAL Design
RAL 020 20 29
RAL 070 70 80
RAL 040 50 60
RAL 030 30 45
RAL 050 70 40
RAL Effect
RAL 350-M
RAL 380-2
RAL 420-5
RAL 350-4
RAL 420-2

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