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NCS S 1515-R10B

NCS S 1515-R10B

HEX Triplet:
219, 182, 183
0, 25, 13, 15
358°, 17%, 86%
Closest colors:
in RAL Classic:
RAL 3015
in RAL Design:
RAL 030 80 10
in RAL Effect:
RAL 490-6
What color is NCS S 1515-R10B?
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What color is NCS S 1515-R10B?

Woman in a pink costume with horns and wings on her head. Example of NCS S 1515-R10B color.
School bus is parked in front of a tree with pink flowers in the background. Example of NCS S 1515-R10B color.
NCS S 1515-R10B color. Pink robot standing in front of a building with columns and arches in the background
Wall made of rocks and rocks with different colors and shapes on it, with a black background. Example of #DBB6B7 color.

Example of the palette with the NCS S 1515-R10B color

Picture with primary colors of Celeste, Dark jungle green, Pine Green, Caribbean green and Bone
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
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NCS (Natural Color System)
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RAL Classic
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RAL 8022
RAL 5021
RAL 5018
RAL 9002
RAL Design
RAL 210 90 10
RAL 160 20 20
RAL 190 40 45
RAL 180 60 45
RAL 010 80 10
RAL Effect
RAL 190-2
RAL 790-5
RAL 740-5
RAL 710-2
RAL 140-6

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