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NCS S 1060-Y90R

NCS S 1060-Y90R

HEX Triplet:
243, 99, 89
0, 75, 60, 0
4°, 63%, 95%
Closest colors:
in RAL Classic:
RAL 2012
in RAL Design:
RAL 040 60 60
in RAL Effect:
RAL 430-4
in NCS:
NCS S 1060-Y80R
What color is NCS S 1060-Y90R?
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What color is NCS S 1060-Y90R?

Close up of a fruit with a cut in half section of it's fruit skin and a yellow and red apple with a yellow center
Glass bowl with a red object inside of it on a table top with a city in the background. Color #F36359.
Red sports car driving down a road with a smoke stack in the background. Example of #F36359 color.
Street with a red light at night and a red sign on the side of the road that says christmas lane. Color CMYK 0,75,60,0.
Sci - fi scene with a futuristic city and a futuristic spaceship in the distance. Example of NCS S 1060-Y90R color.
NCS S 1060-Y90R color example: Painting of a tree with red leaves and rocks in the background
NCS S 1060-Y90R is a light pink color with a hue of yellow-red.
The code consists of four parts: the letter S, the number 1060, the letter Y, and the number 90R.
The letter S stands for standardized, which means that the color is part of the NCS standard collection of 1950 colors.
The number 1060 indicates the blackness and chromaticness of the color.
The first 2 digits (10) shows that the color has 10\% blackness, which means it is not very dark.
The second 2 digits (60) show that the color has 60\% chromaticness, which means it is quite saturated or pure.
The letter Y indicates the hue of the color, which is the dominant wavelength of light that reflects from it.
Y stands for yellow, which means that the color has a warm tone.
The number 90R indicates the nuance of the color, which is the proportion of two complementary hues in it.
R stands for red, which is the complementary hue of green.
90R means that the color has 90\% yellow and 10\% red in its hue.
To summarize, NCS S 1060-Y90R is a light pink color with a warm tone and a high saturation.
It is part of the NCS standard collection of colors and has a logical notation based on human perception.

Example of the palette with the NCS S 1060-Y90R color

Picture with primary colors of Arsenic, Beau blue, Carrot orange, Ball Blue and Macaroni and Cheese
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