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NCS S 0505-R

NCS S 0505-R

HEX Triplet:
255, 244, 239
0, 6, 6, 0
19°, 6%, 100%
Closest colors:
in RGB:
in RAL Classic:
RAL 9010
in RAL Design:
RAL 360 92 05
in RAL Effect:
RAL 150-1
What color is NCS S 0505-R?
2023-06-09 Snargl 1 minute 10 seconds

What color is NCS S 0505-R?

Room with a desk, chair and a book shelf with a computer on it and a window. Color NCS S 0505-R.
Painting of a woman with a red shirt and blue eyes and a pink background. Color #FFF4EF.
Black and white drawing of a flower with swirls and leaves on it's side, with a black background. Color CMYK 0,6,6,0.
Robot with wings standing in a church with a stained glass window behind it and a large white angel statue. Color NCS S 0505-R.
White house with a blue roof and a white fence and trees in front of it at dusk time. Example of #FFF4EF color.
NCS S 0505-R is a very light and soft red color, with a slight hint of yellow.
It belongs to the hue R (red) and has a blackness of 5\% and a chromaticness of 5\%.
The RGB code of NCS S 0505-R is R 255 G 244 B 239, and the HEX code is #FFF4EF.
NCS S 0505-R is a warm and delicate color that can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
It can be used for interior design, textiles, or painting.

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