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What is a Thunderbird?

A Thunderbird is a mythical beast
That rules the skies with might and grace
It makes the thunder with its wings
And shoots the lightning from its eyes

It is a guardian and a judge
Of humans and of spirits too
It brings the rain to nourish life
But also storms to punish wrongs

It is a symbol of great power
And awe-inspiring majesty
It is revered by many tribes

What does a Thunderbird look like?

Thunderbird with wings spread out in front of a sunset and a river with pink flowers and trees in the background
Thunderbird with a blue suit and a red beak standing in front of a city skyline with a Thunderbird on its arm
Thunderbird riding on the back of a yellow car in a city at night with angel wings on top
Man in a blue suit with a Thunderbird on his shoulder
Statue of a Thunderbird in the water with a tree in the background and a river in the foreground
Thunderbird with wings is flying over a city street with cars and buildings in the background and lightning in the sky
Thunderbird with wings outstretched standing on a bridge over a river with a waterfall below it and a storm in the sky
Man with a large Thunderbird like body and wings on his back standing in a forest with a waterfall
Thunderbird with wings spread out standing on train tracks in front of a train station with a train passing by
A Thunderbird is a mythical creature that appears in many Native American legends.

It is a huge bird with bright feathers and powerful wings.

It can create thunder and lightning with its eyes and flaps.

It is a protector of the earth and a punisher of the wicked.

Oh, Thunderbird, you soar above the clouds
With grace and majesty unmatched by any
Your feathers shine like jewels in the sun
Your eyes flash like sparks of fire

You are the ruler of the sky, the master of the storm
You bring the rain to nourish life, you strike the foes with scorn
You are the guardian of the land, the enforcer of the law
You teach us to respect your might, you awe us with your roar

Oh, Thunderbird, you fill my heart with wonder and with love
I wish I could be by your side, to fly with you above
But I know you are too great for me, too noble and too free
So I will admire you from afar, and hope you notice me

Example of the color palette for the image of Thunderbird

Picture with primary colors of Dark midnight blue, Alice Blue, Cambridge Blue, Dark electric blue and Smoky black
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
See these colors in NCS, PANTONE, RAL palettes...
NCS (Natural Color System)
NCS S 0510-R80B
NCS S 2010-G20Y
RAL Classic
RAL 5026
RAL 9016
RAL 7038
RAL 7031
RAL 9005
RAL Design
RAL 160 70 05
RAL 260 40 15
RAL 170 20 20

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