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What is the animal Tenualosa known for?

Tenualosa is a genus of fish in the family Dorosomatidae, also known as the gizzard shads.

They are marine pelagic fish that live in the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region.

One species, the Laotian shad, is freshwater.

They have elongated, compressed bodies covered with cycloid scales, and a prominent keel on the belly.

The upper jaw has a distinct notch, and the lower jaw is slightly longer.

The single dorsal fin is located in the middle of the body.

They can reach up to 61.6 cm in length.

Tenualosa is a game fish.

What does the Tenualosa look like?

The Tenualosa is a genus of fish in the family Dorosomatidae.
There are five recognized species in this genus:
  • Tenualosa ilisha (Hilsa shad)
  • Tenualosa macrura (Longtail shad)
  • Tenualosa reevesii (Reeves’ shad)
  • Tenualosa thibaudeaui (Laotian shad)
  • Tenualosa toli (Toli shad)
The most well-known species is the Tenualosa ilisha, which is a popular food fish in South Asia.
It can grow up to 60 cm and weigh up to 3 kg.
It lives in marine, brackish and freshwater habitats, and migrates up rivers to spawn.
It is a protandrous hermaphrodite, meaning it changes sex from male to female during its life cycle.

The other species are less studied, but they share some common features with the Tenualosa ilisha, such as having a distinct median notch in the upper jaw and oblong body.
They also feed on zooplankton and other small organisms.
They are mostly found in tropical and subtropical regions of the Indo-Pacific.

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