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Where does the Smelt live?

Smelt is a common name for a group of small fish that belong to the family Osmeridae.
There are different species of smelt, and they have different habitats depending on their life cycle and distribution.
Some smelt species are marine fishes, meaning they live in the sea.
Others are freshwater fishes, meaning they live in rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams.
Some smelt species are anadromous, meaning they live in the sea but migrate to freshwater to spawn (reproduce).
For example, the rainbow smelt is an anadromous fish that lives in the coastal waters of North America, native range extends through the Atlantic drainages between New Jersey and Labrador to Arctic drainages, and the Pacific drainages.
It migrates to freshwater rivers and streams in the spring to spawn.
Smelt fishes have a wide variety of habitats, depending on their species and life cycle.
They are mostly found in cold or temperate regions, and play an important role in the food web of their ecosystems.

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