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Where does the Shirokolobka live?

Shirokolobka is the Russian name for a fish species called bullhead or Cottus gobio in scientific terms.

This fish has a large, wide head and a tapering body, large fins and a round tail.

Its eyes are located near the top of its head.

Shirokolobka lives in freshwater habitats such as streams, rivers, and lakes in Europe.

It prefers cold, clear, and well-oxygenated water with gravel or sand bottoms.

Shirokolobka is a predator that feeds on small invertebrates, fish eggs, and sometimes other fish.

It is also a territorial fish that defends its hiding places from intruders.

Shirokolobka is considered a vulnerable species due to habitat loss, pollution, and competition from invasive species.


What does the Shirokolobka look like?

The Shirokolobka is a type of deep sea bottom bullhead that lives in Lake Baikal in Siberia.
It has a wide forehead (hence the name) and a spiny body.
It is a typical inhabitant of the bottom, occupying all water depths.
There are several species of Shirokolobka, such as the Baunt sand sculpin, which can grow up to 14 cm long.


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