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Red mullet

Red mullet

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What kind of animal is Red mullet?

A red mullet is a type of goatfish that has a pair of barbels on its chin.

It lives in the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the eastern North Atlantic Ocean.

It is a carnivorous fish that feeds on worms, molluscs and crustaceans.

It is a valued delicacy in many cuisines.


Where does the Red mullet live?

The red mullet is a common name for two species of goatfish, Mullus barbatus and Mullus surmuletus, that belong to the family Mullidae.

The are found in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, east North Atlantic Ocean.


What does the Red mullet look like?

The red mullet is a fish that belongs to the goatfish family.

It has a bright red skin and an elongated body that is compressed from the sides.

This fish can grow up to 30 cm long, but usually it is 10–20 cm.

The red mullet has two dorsal fins, the first one with stripes, and a fork-shaped tail fin.

It lives in tropical and warm seas, especially the Mediterranean, the east North Atlantic, and the Black Sea.

This fish is a prized delicacy in many cuisines, and it is known for its high fat content and rich flavour.


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