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What is the animal Pristella known for?

Pristella is a genus of fish in the family Characidae.
It is known for its translucent body that allows the internal organs and bones to be seen, earning it the common name of X-ray fish or X-ray tetra.
Pristella is also known for being a widely distributed and adaptable fish, found in both acidic and alkaline waters, and sometimes in slightly brackish water.
Pristella is a small fish, reaching up to around 5 cm or 2.0 in in length, and lives in large groups.
It has a golden-yellow body with a black-and-yellow dorsal fin and a red caudal fin.
Pristella is a popular fish among aquarists, as it is easy to keep and tolerant of a range of water conditions.
Pristella is also known for having a reversed sexual dimorphism, where the males are smaller and thinner than the females.
Pristella was formerly a monotypic genus, only containing Pristella maxillaris, but in 2019 a second species, Pristella ariporo, was described.
Additionally, another species, Hyphessobrycon axelrodi, may belong in Pristella due to its similar teeth, but further studies are needed to confirm this.

Where does the Pristella live?

The pristella tetra is a freshwater fish that lives in the coastal rivers of South America.
These fish can be found in Brazil, Venezuela in the Amazon and Orinoco basins, coastal rivers in the Guianas.
They are able to adapt to different water conditions and sometimes inhabit areas near estuaries, where the water is slightly salty.
However, they prefer warm and clear water with plenty of plants and swimming spaces.

What does the Pristella look like?

The Pristella is a genus of fish in the family Characidae.
The most common species is the Pristella maxillaris, also known as the x-ray tetra or the goldfinch tetra.
It is native to the coastal rivers of South America, where it migrates throughout the year.
The Pristella has a translucent body that allows you to see its organs and bones.
It also has colorful fins with yellow, black, and white stripes on the dorsal and anal fins, and red or pink on the tailfin.
The Pristella is a peaceful and hardy fish that can adapt to various water conditions.
It is an omnivorous shoaling fish that likes to swim in groups of at least six.
The Pristella can grow up to two inches in length and live for three to five years in captivity.
The Pristella is a beautiful and low-maintenance fish that can make a great addition to a freshwater community aquarium.

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