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What is the animal Perch known for?

The animal perch is known for being a freshwater fish that belongs to the genus Perca, which has three species: the European perch, the yellow perch, and the Balkhash perch.
These fish are popular among anglers for their food quality and sport value.
They have a greenish or yellowish color with dark vertical bars on their sides and red or orange tips on their fins.
They are carnivorous and feed on smaller fish, zooplankton, shellfish, worms, and insects.
They can grow up to 60 cm (24 in) in length and weigh up to 4.3 kg (9.5 lb).
They are found in various regions of the world, such as Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and Africa.
They are sometimes introduced to new habitats for aquaculture or recreational purposes, but this can also cause ecological problems.

Where does the Perch live?

Perch is a common name for freshwater fish from the genus Perca, which belongs to the family Percidae.

There are three recognized species of perch: the European perch (P.fluviatilis), the Balkhash perch (P.schrenkii), and the yellow perch (P.flavescens).

Perch are classified as carnivores, choosing waters where smaller fish, shellfish, and insect larvae are abundant.

The perch can be found in various freshwater habitats, such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs, canals, streams, and rivers.

They are often raised in hatcheries and introduced into areas where they are not native.

What does the Perch look like?

The perch is a fish that belongs to the family Percidae, which has three main species: the European perch, the yellow perch and the Balkhash perch.
They have two dorsal fins, one with spines and one with soft rays, and vertical bars on their sides.
Perches are carnivorous and hunt for smaller fish, insects and crustaceans in freshwater habitats.
They are greenish, yellowish or dark gray in color, depending on the species, and have red or orange tips on their lower fins.
This species of fish is popular as food and sport fish, and can grow up to 40 cm (15 inches) in length.

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