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Where does the Mobula live?

Mobula is a genus of rays in the family Mobulidae that is found worldwide in tropical and warm, temperate seas.

Some species are more coastal, while others are more pelagic.

Some species migrate seasonally, while others are more resident.

What does the Mobula look like?

The Mobula is a ray
That likes to fly and play
It has a flat and wide body
And two fins that look like wings

It can jump out of the water
And do flips in the air
But don't be scared of this creature
It's gentle and won't bite

It feeds on tiny plankton
And sometimes on small fish
It has two ear-like lobes
That help it catch its dish

It lives in warm and tropical seas
And sometimes in the cold
It's related to the manta ray
But it has a shorter nose

The Mobula is a wonder
A marvel of the deep
But sadly it's endangered
By fishing and by trade

So let's protect the Mobula
And admire its grace and skill
And maybe one day we'll see it
Do a somersault and thrill

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