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What kind of animal is Iodotropheus?

Iodotropheus is a genus of cichlids that are endemic to Lake Malawi in east Africa.
They belong to the group of fish known as mbuna, which means "rock-dwellers" in the local language.
Iodotropheus have a distinctive upper lip that is connected to the snout by a frenum, a small terminal mouth, and bicuspid teeth that are loosely spaced.
They are omnivorous and feed on algae, invertebrates, and detritus.
The most common species in the aquarium trade is Iodotropheus sprengerae, also known as the rusty cichlid or lavender mbuna.
It has a rusty brown color with dark vertical bars and spots on the fins.
It is one of the smallest and least aggressive mbuna, and can be kept with other peaceful cichlids.
It is a maternal mouthbrooder that can breed easily in captivity.

What is the animal Iodotropheus known for?

Iodotropheus is a small genus of cichlid fish that are endemic to Lake Malawi in East Africa.
They are known for their distinctive upper lip, which is usually connected to the skin of the snout by a frenum, a thin membrane.
This feature is especially visible in adult specimens.
They are also known for their lavender or rusty coloration, which gives them the common names of lavender mbuna or rusty cichlid.
They are part of the mbuna group, which are rock-dwelling cichlids that feed on algae and other organisms that live on the rocks.
They are popular among aquarium hobbyists because of their small size, easy care, and peaceful temperament.

Where does the Iodotropheus live?

The Iodotropheus is a small genus of cichlids, a type of freshwater fish, that lives only in Lake Malawi in East Africa.

The Iodotropheus are part of a group of cichlids called mbuna.

They prefer rocky habitats near the shore, where they feed on algae and small invertebrates.

They can be found at depths ranging from shallow water to 40 meters.

What does the Iodotropheus look like?

Iodotropheus is a cichlid from Lake Malawi
With colors of lavender, rust, or khaki
It has a small mouth and a frenum on its lip
That connects the upper lip to the tip of the snout

It lives among the rocks and feeds on algae
And sometimes plankton and tiny invertebrates
It does not claim a territory for breeding
But carries its eggs in its mouth, safe and sound

Iodotropheus is a peaceful and shy fish
That prefers to swim in small groups or alone
It is easy to keep in an aquarium
As long as the water is hard and alkaline

Iodotropheus is a lovely dwarf Mbuna
That can charm you with its gentle demeanor
It is a rare and precious jewel of Africa
That deserves your admiration and care

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