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What does the Ilisha look like?

The Ilisha is a fish of grace and beauty
It swims in the sea and the river
It has a silvery body and a forked tail
It is a delicacy for many a lover

The Ilisha travels far and wide
It follows the monsoon rain
It spawns in the fresh water
And returns to the salt again

The Ilisha is a fish of mystery and wonder
It has many names and forms
It is similar to Pellona but lacks a toothed hypo-maxilla
It is the national fish of Bangladesh and the state fish of West Bengal

The Ilisha is a fish of passion and desire
It is sought after by many a chef
It can be cooked in various ways
But doi ilish is the best

The Ilisha is a fish of joy and delight
It fills the heart with bliss
It is a fish that I adore
And I wish I could give it a kiss

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