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What kind of animal is Eel-pout?

Fish with a yellow face and a black nose is swimming in a coral reef with other corals
Fish swimming in the ocean with sun shining through the water's bubbles and corals on the bottom
Fish that is swimming in some water near some rocks and plants and rocks and a ball of seaweed
Fish with a yellow eye is swimming in a coral reef with other corals and seaweed in the background
Fish that is swimming in some water near some plants and rocks and grass and some rocks and plants
Close up of a fish on a coral with a blurry background
An eel-pout is a type of fish that belongs to the family Zoarcidae.
It has a long, slimy body that resembles an eel, but it is actually related to the cod.
Eel-pouts live in cold waters, especially in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, where they are bottom-dwellers.
Some eel-pouts can live at great depths, up to 5000 meters.
Eel-pouts have small or absent pelvic fins, and their dorsal and anal fins are joined at the tip of the tail.
They have thick lips and a single barbel under their chin.
Eel-pouts are carnivorous and feed on crustaceans, mollusks, worms and other fish.
Some eel-pouts are bioluminescent and can produce light from their skin or organs.
Eel-pouts are also known as burbot, lawyer or lingcod in some regions.
There are about 300 species of eel-pouts, varying in size, color and shape.

Where does the Eel-pout live?

Fish with a big smile on its face and eyes is swimming in the ocean with corals and seaweed
Fish with its mouth open and its mouth wide open in the water with algae and corals around it
Fish with a mouth open in a sea with corals and seaweeds in the background
Fish that is swimming in some water near some corals and seaweeds and some water plants
Fish with a yellow eye and a black nose is swimming in the water near some corals and seaweed
The eelpout is a common name for a group of fish that belong to the family Zoarcidae.
There are more than 250 species of eelpouts, and they have a wide range of habitats around the world.

Most eelpouts are found in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in the Arctic, North Pacific, and North Atlantic oceans.
They live in cold waters, and some can survive at great depths.
For example, the midwater eelpout can be found between 96 and 2,195 meters deep, and feeds on krill, copepods, salps, and amphipods.

Some eelpouts are also found in the Southern Hemisphere, such as the Antarctic eelpout, which lives in the Antarctic Peninsula and the Weddell Sea.
This species can tolerate freezing temperatures and has antifreeze proteins in its blood.

A few eelpouts are freshwater or brackish water species, such as the burbot, which is the only freshwater member of the order Gadiformes.
The burbot is native to the subarctic regions of North America and Eurasia, and can be found in streams and lakes.
Another example is the Baltic eelpout, which is an anadromous species that lives in the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea and spawns in freshwater rivers.

Eelpouts have elongated and laterally compressed bodies, with a single barbel on the chin.
They have two soft dorsal fins, an anal fin, a rounded caudal fin, fan-shaped pectoral fins, and narrow pelvic fins.
They have small or absent scales, and a wide mouth with many small teeth.
They are mostly bottom-dwelling fish, but some can swim in the midwater or near the surface.

Eelpouts are an interesting and diverse group of fish that can adapt to different environments and conditions.
They are not very well-known, but they play an important role in the marine and freshwater ecosystems.

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