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What does the Diplobatis look like?

Diplobatis is a genus of electric rays in the family Narcinidae.

They have oval and rounded pectoral fin discs and pelvic fins with convex margins.

Their short and thick tails bear two dorsal fins and terminate in a triangular caudal fin.

They have kidney-shaped electric organs at the base of their pectoral fins, which they use to generate electric shocks.

Their dorsal coloration is highly variable, ranging from plain to ornately patterned on a light to dark brown background.

One species, Diplobatis ommata, has a distinctive large eyespot on the middle of its disc, consisting of a black or yellow center surrounded by concentric rings.

Some interesting facts are:
  • Diplobatis are slow-moving bottom-dwellers that feed on small crustaceans and polychaete worms.
    They are found in tropical waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, at depths up to 99 m.

  • Diplobatis are ovoviviparous, meaning they give birth to live young that hatch from eggs inside the mother's uterus.
    The embryos are nourished by yolk and later by histotroph, a nutrient-rich fluid secreted by the mother.

  • Diplobatis are the only genus of electric rays that have divided nostrils, which may help them locate prey by smell.
    They are also the smallest electric rays, reaching a maximum length of 25 cm.


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