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What is the animal Centrina known for?

The Centrina is a common name for the angular roughshark, a species of shark that belongs to the family Oxynotidae.
The angular roughshark is known for its distinctive features, such as:
  • Its compressed body, triangular in cross section, with a broad and flattened head.
    The snout is flat and blunt.

  • Its two relatively large dorsal fins that are sail-like.
    The color scheme is grey or grey-brown dorsally with dark blotches on its head and sides.
    It has a light horizontal line below the eyes on the cheek.

  • Its ridges over its eyes that expand into large, rounded knobs, which are covered with enlarged denticles.
    These are absent in other species of rough sharks.

  • Its very large spiracles that are vertically elongated, being almost as high as the length of its eyes.

  • The angular roughshark occurs in the eastern Atlantic from Norway to South Africa, including the entire Mediterranean.
    It may also occur off Mozambique.
    It prefers coralline algal and muddy bottoms on continental shelves and upper slopes at depths of 50 to 660 m, but occurs mostly below 100 m.
    It usually moves by gliding on the bottom of the sea, sometimes hovering over the sandy or muddy surfaces of the seabed.

  • The angular roughshark is an ovoviviparous species.

The angular roughshark is classified as endangered by the IUCN.

What does the Centrina look like?

Centrina is a type of shark that belongs to the family Oxynotidae.

It has a triangular body, a short snout, and two large dorsal fins with spines.

This shark lives in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, and can grow up to 150 cm in length.

Centrina feeds mainly on worms and other small animals.


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