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What does the Velifer look like?

Velifer is a biological insecticide that uses a fungus called Beauveria bassiana strain PPRI 5339 as its active ingredient.

Velifer is applied as a spray to the crop plants, where it comes into contact with the target insects.

The fungal spores germinate on the insect's cuticle and secrete enzymes that weaken it.

The fungus then invades the host and continues to grow, weakening the insect's immune system and causing dehydration.

Velifer is a beneficial product for protected cropping structures, such as greenhouses and nurseries, where it can help manage insect pests that are resistant to conventional insecticides or that are difficult to control with knockdown pesticides.

Velifer is also compatible with beneficial insects and has a low impact on the environment and human health.

Velifer can be used repeatedly without affecting the crop plants or leaving residues, and it has a zero-day pre-harvest interval.

Velifer is a product of BASF, a global leader in crop protection and biosolutions.

Velifer is available in Australia and the United States, where it is registered for use on ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, including transplants for the home consumer market.

Velifer is sold in 1-quart containers, with a shelf life of up to 24 months under refrigeration or 12 months under cool and dry storage conditions.

Velifer has a signal word of Caution and a 12-hour re-entry interval.

Velifer is part of the BASF portfolio of products that offer effective and sustainable solutions for crop production.

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