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What is the animal Selar known for?

The Selar belongs to the family Carangidae, which includes jacks, trevallies, and pompanos.
It is known for its large eyes that can occupy up to 50% of its head.
The Selar is also known for its silver body with a yellow stripe along the side.
It is a schooling fish that forms large aggregations.
It feeds mainly on plankton, such as copepods, amphipods, and fish larvae.
The animal Selar is also a commercially valuable fish that is harvested for human consumption and bait.


Where does the Selar live?

Here are some possible meanings of Selar:
  • Selar is a platform that lets you create and sell any kind of digital product or service to anyone, anywhere in the world.
    You can sell ebooks, courses, events, services, physical goods and more with multiple payment gateways, sales pages, follow-ups and integrations.
    Selar is based in Nigeria, but it serves customers from over 150 countries.

  • Selar is a verb in Portuguese that means to seal, confirm, validate, or dirty something.
    For example, "selar a paz" means to seal the peace, and "selar-se aos desejos dos outros" means to subject oneself to the desires of others.

  • Selar is an adjective in Portuguese that means related to the sela turca, which is a depression in the sphenoid bone at the base of the skull that contains the pituitary gland.
    For example, "lesão selar" means a lesion in the sela turca, and "região selar" means the region of the sela turca.


What does the Selar look like?

The Selar is a Vulcan woman who works as a medical doctor in Starfleet.
She served on the USS Enterprise-D under Dr. Crusher and Dr. Pulaski, and later on the USS Excalibur.
She has a calm and logical personality, as typical of Vulcans, and is skilled in diagnosing and treating various diseases and injuries.
She was involved in several notable missions, such as examining Dr. Ira Graves, who had transferred his mind into Data, and running a biospectral analysis on Ned Quint, who was killed by a ghost-like entity.
She also survived the crash of the Enterprise-D’s saucer section on Veridian III, according to a cut line from Star Trek Generations.
She is played by actress Suzie Plakson, who also portrayed other characters in the Star Trek franchise.


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