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What does the Ningo look like?

A Ningo is a fictional creature from the LEGO NINJAGO series, which is based on a line of toys and a TV show.

A Ningo looks like a cross between a ninja and a flamingo, with a pink body, a long neck, a beak, and a black mask.

A Ningo can use its beak as a weapon, and can also fly and perform Spinjitzu, a martial art that involves spinning rapidly.

A Ningo is loyal to the ninja team, and helps them fight against the evil forces that threaten NINJAGO City.

Some additional facts are:
  • A Ningo is a rare and exotic creature, and only a few of them exist in the world of NINJAGO.
    They are very intelligent and can communicate with the ninja through a special bond.
  • A Ningo is a result of a genetic experiment by Dr.
    Julien, the inventor who created Zane, the ninja of ice.Dr.
    Julien wanted to create a companion for Zane, who felt lonely as an android.
    He used a flamingo and a ninja suit as the main ingredients, and added some of his own technology to give the Ningo special abilities.
  • A Ningo is a playful and friendly creature, and enjoys spending time with the ninja and their friends.
    It likes to eat fish and berries, and sometimes steals food from the other animals.
    It also likes to prank the ninja by hiding their weapons or messing with their vehicles.

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