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Where does the Nightlight live?

It is a hybrid of a Night Fury and a Light Fury, two rare and powerful dragon species.

The Nightlight lives on the Hidden World, a vast and mysterious realm that is home to all kinds of dragons.

The Hidden World is located at the edge of the world, beyond a huge waterfall that plunges into a deep abyss.

The Nightlight is very playful, curious, and loyal to its family.

It enjoys flying, exploring, and interacting with other dragons and humans.

The Nightlight is also very intelligent and can communicate with its parents and siblings through sounds and gestures.

What does the Nightlight look like?

The Nightlight is a rare and mysterious dragon that resembles a Night Fury, but with white scales, blue eyes, and a pink pattern along its back.
It is smaller and more agile than its cousin, and can blend in with the snow.
The Nightlight has a playful and curious personality, often mimicking the actions of others.
It can shoot plasma blasts from its mouth, similar to the Night Fury, but with a faint pink glow.
The Nightlight is loyal to its family and friends, and will protect them from danger.
It is one of the most beautiful and elusive dragons in the world.

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