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What does the Khabia look like?

The Khabia is a ceramic jar that is used to store and ferment smen, a type of salted butter that is native to North African cuisine.
The jar is made of clay and handcrafted by potters, often with hand-painted designs from natural pigments.
The jar has a lid and a round shape, and it can vary in size and color.
The Khabia is an important part of the culinary and cultural heritage of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Yemen, where smen is used to season dishes such as couscous, tagines and kdras.
The Khabia is also a symbol of familial wealth and honor, as some families bury a sealed jar of smen on the day of a daughter’s birth and use it at her wedding.
The Khabia is a beautiful and functional object that reflects the artistry and traditions of the people who make and use it.

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