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Where does the Jam jam live?

Jam jam lives in the airwaves, playing the latest hits
Jam jam lives in the headphones, making the listeners dance
Jam jam lives in the YouTube, with millions of views
Jam jam lives in the IU's voice, singing with passion and grace

Jam jam lives in the kitchen, boiling with fruits and sugar
Jam jam lives in the jar, waiting to be spread
Jam jam lives in the oven, baking with soft dough
Jam jam lives in the mouth, melting with delight

What does the Jam jam look like?

Jam jam is a sweet and sticky delight
Made from fruit and sugar cooked just right
It comes in many flavors, from strawberry to peach
And spreads on bread like a colorful speech

Jam jam is also a song by a star named IU
She sings of love and longing with a catchy tune
Her voice is smooth and soothing, like a spoonful of jam
She makes her fans happy with her charm and glam

Jam jam is also a way to describe something fun
Like playing music with friends or dancing in the sun
It's a feeling of joy and excitement, like a burst of flavor
It's a moment of bliss and harmony, like a gift to savor

Jam jam is more than just a word, it's a poem in itself
It's a symbol of sweetness and beauty, of passion and wealth
It's a versatile and vibrant expression, like a rainbow in the sky
It's a wonder and a wonderment, like a jam jam in your eye

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