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Where does the Heterobatmy live?

Heterobatmy is not a living thing
But a term for plants that have different parts
Some are more advanced, some are more primitive
Like the Magnoliaceae with their varied flowers and leaves

Heterobatmy means different levels of development
For the vegetative and generative organs
It helps the plants to adapt and evolve
In different climates and regions

Heterobatmy is a concept in botany
That explains the diversity of plant forms
It is not a creature that you can see
But a phenomenon that informs


What does the Heterobatmy look like?

Heterobatmy is a term that describes the phenomenon of having both primitive and derived features in the same organism or group.

For example, some plants have both simple and complex flowers, or some animals have both ancient and modern traits.

Heterobatmy can occur because different parts of the organism evolve at different rates.

It is also related to the concept of mosaic evolution, which means that organisms are composed of a mixture of features from different evolutionary stages.


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