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What does the Göringia look like?

Göringia is a fictional name for a united Africa under the rule of Hermann Göring, a Nazi leader who was the head of the German colonial empire in an alternate history scenario.

The name is derived from Göring's surname and the Latin suffix -ia, which denotes a place or country.

In this mod, Göringia is depicted as a militaristic and authoritarian state that seeks to exploit the resources and people of Africa for the benefit of Germany and its allies.

The flag of Göringia is a black-white-red tricolor with a black eagle in the center, similar to the flag of Nazi Germany.

The capital of Göringia is Windhoek, a city in Namibia that was formerly a German colony.

The official language of Göringia is German, although many African languages are also spoken by the native population.

The culture of Göringia is heavily influenced by German and Nazi ideology, with elements of racism, fascism, and nationalism.

The economy of Göringia is based on the extraction and export of raw materials, such as gold, diamonds, oil, and uranium, as well as the production of weapons and machinery.

The military of Göringia is composed of German settlers, mercenaries, and loyal African troops, who are trained and equipped to fight against the enemies of Göringia, such as the British, the French, and the African resistance movements.

Göringia is a controversial and provocative concept that reflects the dark and violent history of colonialism and imperialism in Africa.

It is not a realistic or desirable outcome, but rather a dystopian and fictional scenario that explores the consequences of extreme nationalism and totalitarianism.

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