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What is the animal Galacticide known for?

Galacticide is not an animal, but the name of a science fiction series by Bert-Oliver Boehmer.

The series consists of three novels: Three Immortals, Dark Cascade, and Galacticide.

The series is set in a future where humanity has been devastated by an alien invasion and has to rebuild its civilization under the rule of immortal tyrants.

The main protagonist is Kel Chaada, a former military leader who discovers the secrets of ancient alien races and leads a rebellion against the immortals.

The series is described as a blend of space opera and military science fiction, with themes of war, politics, religion, and morality.

Galacticide is a series that appeals to fans of science fiction and adventure, as well as to those who enjoy stories of courage, sacrifice, and rebellion.

The series is available on Amazon in Kindle, audiobook, hardcover, and paperback formats.


What does the Galacticide look like?

The term "Galacticide" refers to a fictional event described in the science fiction book series by Bert-Oliver Boehmer.

In the context of the series, Galacticide is the catastrophic destruction of a galaxy or multiple galaxies.

The event is characterized by the cessation of causality and the shattering of reality, leading to the very fabric of existence tearing apart.

This cataclysm is brought about by the alien Brood Mother, who, after surviving an explosion that was meant to defeat her, seeks vengeance against the universes hostile to her children.

With the power to destroy the multiverse, the Brood Mother's wrath is directed not just at space fleets or individuals, but at the very nature of reality itself.

In the narrative, Kel Chaada, the protagonist, is imprisoned for old crimes while his world crumbles around him.

He faces the seemingly impossible task of combating this raging alien mother capable of such unfathomable destruction.

The depiction of Galacticide in literature is a testament to the author's imagination, creating a scenario where the stakes are as high as the survival of the multiverse itself.

It's a blend of classic science fiction elements with innovative ideas, inviting readers into a vast universe filled with duty, destiny, and the choices that define beings across time and space.


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