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Where does the Chimera live?

According to the legend, the Chimera lived in Lycia, a region in Asia Minor (now Turkey).

It terrorized the people and animals there until it was killed by the hero Bellerophon, who rode on the winged horse Pegasus.

Bellerophon was sent by the king of Lycia to slay the Chimera, hoping that the monster would kill him instead.

But Bellerophon succeeded with the help of the gods and became famous for his deed.

What does the Chimera look like?

There once was a beast called Chimera
Who had three heads and breathed fire
A lion, a goat and a snake
Made up this fearsome creature

She lived in Lycia, a land far away
And terrorized people every day
Until a hero named Bellerophon
Came along with his winged horse Pegasus

He flew in the sky and shot his spear
Into the goat head of the Chimera
She roared and hissed and spat out flame
But soon she fell and breathed no more

Bellerophon was hailed as a great slayer
And the people were free from the Chimera
But some say she had a secret lover
And her children were the Sphinx and the Nemean Lion

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