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What kind of animal is Calot?

A calot is a fictional animal from the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs, set on the planet Barsoom (Mars).

A calot is a large, lizard-like dog creature with ten legs and three rows of sharp teeth.

It can run up to 250 miles per hour and has a highly developed sense of smell.

A calot is usually loyal and affectionate to its owner, but fierce and aggressive to its enemies.

One of the most famous calots in the novels is Woola, the pet of John Carter, the main protagonist.

What is the animal Calot known for?

The animal Calot is known for being a Martian creature that resembles a dog, but with ten short legs and a frog-like head.
It is very fast, intelligent, and loyal to its master.
It is often domesticated by the Green Martians, one of the races that inhabit the dying planet of Mars.
The Calot is featured in the Barsoom series of novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs, a science fiction writer who created a fictional representation of Mars.

Where does the Calot live?

A calot is a word with many meanings
It could be a hat, a lottery, or a building
But if you are looking for a creature of fiction
Then you should know it's from Edgar Rice Burroughs' vision

A calot is a dog-like beast from the planet of Barsoom
It has ten legs, a lion's head, and a tail with a plume
It can run as fast as the wind and leap as high as a tree
It is loyal, fierce, and brave, and a faithful friend to be

A calot lives in the wilds of the red Martian land
It hunts for food and fights for its pack and clan
But sometimes it bonds with a human warrior or princess
And then it follows them with love and protectiveness

So if you ever visit Mars and see a calot on the way
Don't be afraid or run away, just smile and say
"Kaor, calot, I come in peace, I mean you no harm"
And maybe you will make a friend on this strange and wondrous farm

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