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Where does the Beira live?

The Beira lives in the land of the Scots
Where she shapes the mountains and the rocks
She is the queen of winter and the storm
She wears a veil to hide her ancient form

She dwells in Ben Cruachan by the lake
Where she sleeps until the dawn does break
She stirs the waters with her magic rod
And opens up the portal of the god

She rides a shaggy goat across the sky
And makes the snow and hail and wind to fly
She carries a hammer to crack the ice
And a plaid to shield her from the cold

She is the mother of the gods and men
She knows the secrets of the past and when
The spring will come and end her reign of frost
She counts the days and fears her power lost

She is the Beira, Cailleach, the Veiled One
She is the darkness before the sun
She is the old hag who becomes the maid
She is the cycle of the seasons' change

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