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What does the Bagwing look like?

There once was a creature called Bagwing
Who loved to eat bagnet and chilli wings
He had a big head and a pair of bat wings
And he flew around the world looking for spicy things

One day he met a Flying Head in the sky
Who had a huge mouth and terrible eyes
He challenged Bagwing to a spicy food contest
And said he would eat him if he failed the test

Bagwing accepted the challenge with glee
He thought he could win easily
He brought out his hottest chilli oil
And poured it on the Flying Head's coils

But the Flying Head was not impressed
He said the oil was mild at best
He opened his mouth and breathed out fire
And burned Bagwing's wings and hair

Bagwing realized he had made a mistake
He tried to escape but it was too late
The Flying Head swallowed him in one bite
And said "That was the best meal of my life!"

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