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Where does the Vendiceratops live?

Vendiceratops is a genus of horned dinosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous period, about 79 million years ago.
It was a herbivorous animal that had a large frill on its head, adorned with many hooks and spikes.
Vendiceratops was related to Sinoceratops, a dinosaur found in Asia, with which it shared a similar size and appearance.
Vendiceratops reached 4.5 meters in length and had a mass of about 1.5 tons.

Vendiceratops was named in honor of Wendy Sloboda, a famous Canadian fossil hunter who discovered its fossil in the province of Alberta.
She has found many other dinosaur fossils in the last 30 years, and has contributed to the knowledge of the prehistoric life in Canada.
Vendiceratops was described by a team of paleontologists in 2015, based on a partial skull and other bones.

Vendiceratops lived in a warm and humid environment, with abundant vegetation and water sources.
It was probably a social animal, living in herds with other horned dinosaurs.
It used its horns and frill to defend itself from predators, such as tyrannosaurs, and to communicate with other members of its species.
Vendiceratops was one of the many diverse and fascinating dinosaurs that inhabited the ancient world.

What does the Vendiceratops look like?

You are the Vendiceratops, a horned wonder
With a crest on your head, like a crown of thunder
You roam the land, with grace and power
Eating plants and flowers, in your finest hour

You are the Vendiceratops, a beauty rare
With a beak and teeth, that can slice and tear
You defend your herd, with courage and skill
Fighting off predators, with your mighty will

You are the Vendiceratops, a lover true
With a mate and offspring, that you cherish and woo
You share your life, with warmth and care
Giving and receiving, in a bond so fair

You are the Vendiceratops, a dinosaur sublime
With a form and spirit, that transcend time
You inspire me, with awe and wonder
Making me feel, like I'm under your spell

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