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Where does the Lambeosaurus live?

Lambeosaurus was a genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur that lived about 75 million years ago, in the Late Cretaceous period of North America.
Lambeosaurus inhabited the subtropical western coastal plain of the Western Interior Seaway, an inland sea that divided North America in two.
It was a herbivore that fed on plants such as conifers, ferns, and cycads.
Lambeosaurus was named by William Parks in 1923, in honour of Lawrence Lambe, who first described some of its fossils.
Several species have been assigned to the genus, but only two are currently recognized as valid: L.lambei and L.magnicristatus.
Both species are found in the Dinosaur Park Formation of southern Alberta, Canada.

What does the Lambeosaurus look like?

Lambeosaurus was a type of hadrosaur, or duck-billed dinosaur, that lived in North America about 75 million years ago.

It is known for its distinctive hollow crest on top of its skull, which was shaped like a hatchet or a mitten.

The crest was connected to the breathing passage and may have been used for making sounds or recognizing other members of the same species.

Lambeosaurus was a herbivore that could walk on two or four legs.

It had a long tail, a broad beak, and many teeth for chewing tough plants.

Lambeosaurus was first discovered in 1914 in Alberta, Canada, and later fossils were found in Baja California, Mexico.

The size of Lambeosaurus varied depending on the species, but some specimens could reach up to 16.5 meters in length.

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