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What does the Gerrothorax look like?

Gerrothorax was a creature of the past,
A temnospondyl that did not last.
It lived in the Triassic, long ago,
In Greenland, Germany, Sweden, and maybe Thailand too.

It had a body that was very flat,
And a skull with angles like a hat.
It hid under sand or mud on the bottom,
Waiting for prey with eyes on the top.

It had a bite that was quite odd,
It lifted its head like a toilet lid.
It had sharp teeth and gill arches with denticles,
To catch and hold slippery fish and tentacles.

It kept its gills throughout its life,
Like some salamanders that are still alive.
But unlike them, it had internal gills like fish,
Protected by a skin fold from any harm or risk.

Gerrothorax was a unique amphibian,
With a wicker chest as its name's meaning.
But it went extinct at the end of Triassic,
Along with many other species that were fantastic.

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