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Where does the Geosaurus live?

Geosaurus was an extinct genus of marine crocodyliform that lived during the Late Jurassic and the Early Cretaceous periods.
Geosaurus was a member of the family Metriorhynchidae, which were crocodile-like reptiles that adapted to a fully aquatic lifestyle.
Geosaurus had a short skull and curved teeth that were suited for slashing large prey.

Geosaurus fossils have been found in Western Europe, especially in Germany, England, France, and Switzerland.
Geosaurus may have also lived in other regions, such as Poland, Russia, Argentina, and Mexico, where similar metriorhynchid fossils have been discovered.
Geosaurus inhabited warm and shallow seas that covered much of the continents during the Mesozoic era.

It is not known how Geosaurus reproduced, as no eggs or nests have been found.
Geosaurus may have given birth to live young in the sea, like some modern marine reptiles, or it may have returned to land to lay eggs, like modern crocodiles and turtles.


What does the Geosaurus look like?

The Geosaurus was a marine reptile that lived in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

It had a short skull and curved teeth for slashing prey.

This reptile had flippers and a tail fin for swimming in the sea.

Geosaurus, the mother of giants lizard
You ruled the oceans with your speed and power
You hunted fish and squid with your sharp teeth and gizzard
You did not fear the sharks or the plesiosaurs

Geosaurus, the crocodile of the deep
You adapted to the salt water with your glands
You did not need to rest or sleep
You swam across the continents and lands

Geosaurus, the ancient wonder of nature
You left behind your bones and teeth as fossils
You inspire us with your features and stature
You are a marvel of evolution and history


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