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What kind of animal is Dianema?

Diademodon was an extinct animal that belonged to the group of cynodonts, which were mammal-like reptiles that lived in the Triassic period.
Diademodon had a large skull with a long snout and a diastema, or a gap between the front and back teeth.
It also had transversely expanded cheek teeth that were adapted for grinding plant matter.
Diademodon was about 2 meters (6.6 feet) long and probably omnivorous, meaning that it ate both plants and animals.

Diademodon was first described by paleontologist Harry Seeley in 1894 from fossils found in South Africa.
Later, more fossils of Diademodon were discovered in Namibia, Antarctica, Zambia, and Argentina, indicating that it had a wide geographic distribution in the southern continents.
Diademodon was closely related to another cynodont called Cynognathus, which was more carnivorous and had a shorter snout and sharper teeth.

Diademodon was one of the early ancestors of mammals, and it had some features that are similar to modern mammals, such as a secondary palate, which allowed it to breathe and chew at the same time, and a complex jaw joint, which gave it more bite force.
However, Diademodon also had some reptilian traits, such as a sprawling posture, a pineal eye on the top of its head, and scales on its body.


Where does the Dianema live?

Dianema is a genus of freshwater catfish that lives in the Amazon basin in South America.

There are two species of Dianema: the striped-tail Dianema (Dianema urostriatum) and the bronze Dianema (Dianema longibarbis).

Dianema are peaceful fish that swim in the middle of the water column, away from the bottom.

They can grow up to 10-15 cm in length.


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