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The images you see on this page have been generated by AI - they are not real images of Deuterosaurus, but they are great nonetheless! :)
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Where does the Deuterosaurus live?

Deuterosaurus is an extinct genus of synapsids that dominated the land during the late Paleozoic.
Deuterosaurus fossils are dated to the middle Permian period, about 267 to 260 million years ago.
Most of the fossils are found in Russia, especially in the Orenburg Oblast region.


What does the Deuterosaurus look like?

Large Deuterosaurus standing in the middle of a desert area with a cloudy sky in the background
Toy Deuterosaurus walking through a jungle filled with trees and plants
Close up of a statue of a Deuterosaurus with a large mouth and sharp teeth, with trees in the background
Toy Deuterosaurus with its mouth open in the woods with ferns and trees in the background
Deuterosaurus was an extinct genus of dinocephalian therapsids, one of the non-mammalian synapsids that lived during the late Paleozoic era.

It was a very large animal, the size of a modern grizzly bear, with a length of 5–6 meters (15–18 ft) and a weight of about half a ton.

This animal had a short and high skull, with long dagger-like canine teeth and cone-like post-canine teeth.

It also had a thickening of the skull above the eyes and on the nose, possibly for head-butting.

Its eyes were partly slanted forward, giving it some degree of stereo vision.

Deuterosaurus had a long tail and short but massive legs that were held splayed, like a crocodile.

It is found in what is now Siberia, and may have been omnivorous, like a bear, or herbivorous, rather than carnivorous like most of its relatives.

Some additional facts are:
  • Deuterosaurus is named after the Greek word for "second lizard", because it was initially thought to be a dinosaur by T.H. Huxley in 1869.

  • They belongs to the family Deuterosauridae, which is either a subgroup of Anteosauria or Tapinocephalia, two clades of dinocephalian therapsids.

  • Deuterosaurus has two known species: D. biarmicus, the type species, and D. jubilaei, which was formerly assigned to a separate genus called Mnemeiosaurus.

Example of the color palette for the image of Deuterosaurus

Picture with primary colors of Oxford Blue, Dark cerulean, Steel blue, Glitter and Wild blue yonder
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
See these colors in NCS, PANTONE, RAL palettes...
NCS (Natural Color System)
NCS S 4050-R90B
NCS S 2020-R70B
RAL Classic
RAL 5026
RAL 5010
RAL 5012
RAL 9003
RAL 9006
RAL Design
RAL 200 20 23
RAL 260 50 40
RAL 270 70 15
RAL Effect
RAL 160-1
RAL 170-2

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