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What kind of animal is Dendrerpeton?

Demonosaurus is a genus of dinosaur that lived in the Late Triassic period, about 200 million years ago, in what is now New Mexico.
It is known from only one fossil skull and some neck bones, which were found in the same quarry as many Coelophysis fossils.
Demonosaurus had a short skull with large eye sockets and long, curved teeth that gave it a buck-toothed appearance.
It was probably a carnivore that hunted smaller prey.
Demonosaurus is considered to be a primitive theropod, or a meat-eating dinosaur, that was related to but different from other early theropods like Tawa and Herrerasaurus.


Where does the Dendrerpeton live?

Dendrerpeton is an extinct genus of temnospondyl amphibians that lived during the Carboniferous period, about 318 to 315 million years ago.
Its fossils have been found mainly in the Joggins Formation of Eastern Canada and in Ireland.
Dendrerpeton was associated with lycopod, sigillaria, and calamite tree stumps that decayed inside and became hollow.
Many of its fossils were found inside these trunks or in coal swamps.
One of the first nearly complete skeletons of Dendrerpeton acadianum, the type species of the genus, was discovered by J.W.Dawson in 1861 in a tree trunk in Nova Scotia.
Another well-preserved and articulated skeleton was found in 1998 in the same region and associated with a boulder found at a beach.


What does the Dendrerpeton look like?

Dendrerpeton was a genus of extinct temnospondyl amphibians that lived during the Carboniferous period.

It had a large, round head, big eyes, powerful legs, a relatively short body and tail.

It was covered with small scales and had a very large ear opening that may indicate a well-developed hearing and vocalization.

It was a terrestrial predator that grew up to one meter in length.

Some interesting facts are:
  • Dendrerpeton fossils have been found mainly in the Joggins Formation of Eastern Canada and in Ireland, often inside the hollow trunks of ancient trees or coal swamps.

  • Dendrerpeton is one of the earliest representatives of terrestrial temnospondyl amphibians evolution.

  • Dendrerpeton had a massive stapes, a bone in the middle ear that transmits sound vibrations.
    This may suggest that it could hear low-frequency sounds or use it for balance.


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