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What is the animal Deinocheirus known for?

Deinocheirus is a genus of large dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, about 70 million years ago.
It is known for its huge and powerful forelimbs, which had long claws and were longer than the legs.
Deinocheirus was also unusual for having a sail-like structure on its back, a fan of feathers on its tail, and a wide and deep beak-like mouth.
Deinocheirus was a member of the ornithomimosaur group, which are usually slender and fast-running dinosaurs, but Deinocheirus was bulky and heavy, weighing over six tons.
Deinocheirus was first discovered in 1965 in Mongolia, but only the arms and some other bones were found.
For a long time, its appearance and classification were a mystery, until more complete specimens were found and described in 2014.
Deinocheirus is now considered to be a primitive ornithomimosaur, closely related to the smaller genera Garudimimus and Beishanlong.
Deinocheirus may have been omnivorous, eating plants, fish, and other animals.
It probably used its claws for digging and gathering food.
Deinocheirus was also preyed upon by the large tyrannosaur Tarbosaurus, which left bite marks on some of its bones.


Where does the Deinocheirus live?

Deinocheirus was a dinosaur that lived in Mongolia during the Late Cretaceous, about 70 million years ago.
It was the largest and heaviest of the ornithomimosaurs, a group of fast-running, ostrich-like dinosaurs.
It had long arms with huge claws, a broad bill, and a sail on its back.
A pair of large arm and a few other bones were first discovered in the Nemegt Formation of Mongolia.


What does the Deinocheirus look like?

Deinocheirus was a large dinosaur that belonged to the group of ornithomimosaurs, which means "bird-mimic lizards".

It lived about 70 million years ago in what is now Mongolia.

Deinocheirus had a long neck, a humped back, a short tail, and very long arms with huge claws.

Its head was similar to that of a duck-billed dinosaur, with a wide, flat snout and a deep lower jaw.

It was covered with feathers, and had a fan of feathers at the end of its tail.

Deinocheirus was about 11 meters (36 feet) long and weighed about 6.5 tons.

It was probably omnivorous, eating both plants and animals.

It was one of the most unusual and mysterious dinosaurs ever discovered.


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