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What is the animal Dacentrur known for?

Dacentrurus is a genus of stegosaurian dinosaur that lived in Europe during the Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous period, about 154 to 140 million years ago.
It is known for being the first stegosaur ever discovered and for having a distinctive tail with sharp spikes.

Dacentrurus was originally named Omosaurus by Richard Owen in 1875, based on a skeleton found in a clay pit in Swindon, England.
The name Omosaurus means "upper arm lizard", because Owen was impressed by the robustness of the humerus.
However, the name Omosaurus was already used for a crocodile-like reptile, so it was changed to Dacentrurus by Frederic Lucas in 1902.
The name Dacentrurus means "tail full of points", referring to the large spike that Owen thought was on the upper arm, but later turned out to be part of the tail.

Dacentrurus was a heavily built quadrupedal herbivore, with a body length of about 8 to 9 meters and a weight of about 5 metric tons.
It had a small head, a long neck, a broad back, and a short tail.
It was covered with bony plates and spikes, which may have served as defense, display, or thermoregulation.
The most notable feature of Dacentrurus was its tail, which had at least four pairs of long spikes pointing sideways and backwards.
The tail spikes were probably used to fend off predators or to fight with other members of the same species.

Dacentrurus is one of the rarest and most poorly known stegosaurs, with only a few fragmentary specimens found in England, France, and Portugal.
It is possible that some of these specimens belong to different species or genera, but the lack of complete skeletons makes it difficult to determine their relationships.
Dacentrurus may have been closely related to Miragaia, another stegosaur from Portugal that had a very long neck.


Where does the Dacentrur live?

Dacentrur is a genus of stegosaurian dinosaur that lived in Europe during the Late Jurassic period, about 154 to 150 million years ago.
The only certain species of this genus is D. armatus.
It was about 8 meters long and had plates and spikes on its back and tail.
Dacentrur fossils have been found in England, France, Portugal, and Spain.
It was closely related to Miragaia, another European stegosaur, and both belong to the subfamily Dacentrurinae within the family Stegosauridae.
Dacentrur was a herbivorous dinosaur that probably fed on low-growing plants.


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