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What kind of animal is Barylambda?

Barylambda was an extinct mammal that lived in North America during the Paleocene Epoch.

It was a pantodont, a group of herbivorous animals with hoof-like feet and plantigrade posture.

It was large and heavy, with a long tail and a small head.

It may have used its tail to balance itself when reaching for high vegetation.


What does the Barylambda look like?

Barylambda was a pantodont, a group of ancient mammals
That lived in the Paleocene, when Earth was still in shambles
It had a heavy body and a long and sturdy tail
That helped it balance on its hind legs, like a living scale

Barylambda was a herbivore, it browsed on leaves and plants
It had no shearing blades on its teeth, but males had big canines
It was about the size of a pony, but more like a sloth in shape
With bear-like legs and smallish head, it was a gentle ape

Barylambda was quite successful, for an early pantodont
But it was replaced by Coryphodon, a more advanced front
It vanished in the late Paleocene, leaving fossils as its trace
But we can still imagine how it roamed its ancient place


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