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What kind of animal is Agrosaurus?

Giant alien creature in a forest with a man standing next to it
Purple dragon is standing in the middle of a city with a sky background
Toy dinosaur with blood on its body and a bloody mouth and head
Green dinosaur with a large mouth and sharp teeth
Large dinosaur standing on top of a rock covered ground next to a giant dinosaur statue in a forest
Monster truck with a large dinosaur on top of it's back wheels and a smaller monster on the front
Toy turtle laying on its back on a brown surface with its arms outstretched and eyes wide open
Large green dinosaur with a blue eye and a black background is shown in this picture

Agrosaurus is an extinct genus of thecodontosaurid sauropodomorph, a group of early herbivorous dinosaurs that walked on two or four legs.

It was probably about 2.5 meters long and weighed around 280 kilograms.

It had a long neck, a small head with leaf-shaped teeth, and a long tail.

Agrosaurus lived in the late Triassic period, about 206 to 202 million years ago.

This dinosaur was originally thought to be the oldest dinosaur from Australia, based on some bones that were supposedly collected from Cape York in 1844.

However, later studies showed that the bones actually came from England, and were probably from Thecodontosaurus or a similar animal.

Thecodontosaurus was a close relative of Agrosaurus that lived in the Bristol area of England.

Agrosaurus is now considered a dubious name, and its true identity and origin are uncertain.

Example of the color palette for the image of Agrosaurus

Picture with primary colors of Canonical aubergine, Pastel violet, Pastel brown, Blanched Almond and Dark slate gray
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
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NCS (Natural Color System)
NCS S 6030-R40B
NCS S 2030-R50B
NCS S 5010-G90Y
RAL Classic
RAL 4007
RAL 3015
RAL 8000
RAL 1013
RAL 6028
RAL Design
RAL 060 20 05
RAL 040 40 20
RAL 075 90 10
RAL 180 30 15

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