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What kind of animal is Agilisaurus?

Dinosaur in a futuristic space station with a light on it's head and a large
Large dinosaur standing on top of a dirt field next to trees and bushes in a forest filled with green foliage
Large dinosaur with spikes on its head and neck
Close up of a metal sculpture of a dragon head with spikes on it's head and eyes
Dragon with a huge head and a huge body of snakes in front of a full moon sky
Red plastic dinosaur with spikes on its head and neck
Futuristic dog standing in a field of grass with a sky background

Agilisaurus was a small, agile dinosaur that lived in the Middle Jurassic Period of what is now eastern Asia.

It belonged to the group of ornithischian dinosaurs, which had bird-like hips and beaks.

Agilisaurus was a herbivore, meaning it ate plants.

It had leaf-shaped teeth that were well-adapted to their abrasive, plant-based diets.

Agilisaurus was about 3.5–4 ft (1.2-1.7 m) long, 2 ft (0.6 m) in height and 40 kg in weight.

It had a short and high skull, large eyes, and a pointed snout.

It had nine neck vertebrae, 15 back vertebrae, five sacral vertebrae, and 44 tail vertebrae.

Its tail was long and made up more than half of its body length.

Agilisaurus had five fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot.

Its lower leg bone was longer than its upper leg bone, which indicates that it was an extremely fast bipedal runner, using its long tail for balance.

Agilisaurus was one of the most complete small ornithischian skeletons ever found.

It was discovered in 1984, during the construction of the Zigong Dinosaur Museum in China.

It was named by Chinese paleontologist Peng Guangzhou in 1990, in honor of Dr.George Louderback, an American geologist and the first to recognize dinosaur fossils from the Sichuan Province of China in 1915.

Example of the color palette for the image of Agilisaurus

Picture with primary colors of Bulgarian rose, Auburn, Light coral, Pale silver and Dark tangerine
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
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RAL Classic
RAL 3007
RAL 3002
RAL 3014
RAL 7044
RAL 1033
RAL Design
RAL 040 20 19
RAL 040 40 60
RAL 040 70 40
RAL 100 80 05
RAL Effect
RAL 440-4
RAL 850-1
RAL 380-2

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