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What kind of animal is Adelobasileus?

Painting of a creature with a helmet on it's head and a large body of metal armor
Statue of a bear wearing a black outfit with a gold collar and a black jacket with a hood on
Creature with spikes and spikes on its head and legs
Painting of a giant creature in a frame with a castle in the background and a pink flower in the foreground

Adelobasileus is an extinct animal that lived about 225 million years ago in the Late Triassic period.

It is considered to be a mammaliamorph, which means it was closely related to the ancestors of mammals.

It is known only from a partial skull found in Texas, USA.

Adelobasileus had some features that were similar to mammals, such as a complex inner ear with a coiled cochlea, which is used for hearing.

It also had a large brain and a short snout.

However, it also had some features that were different from mammals, such as a single opening behind the eye socket, which is typical of reptiles and other synapsids.

Adelobasileus was probably a small, insect-eating animal, about the size of a mouse.

It may have been nocturnal and used its sensitive hearing to find prey.

It was one of the earliest mammaliamorphs, and it predates other groups of mammaliaforms, such as Morganucodonta and Docodonta, by 10 million years.

It is thought to be a transitional form between more primitive cynodonts and more advanced mammaliaforms.

Adelobasileus was named by Spencer Lucas and Adrian Hunt in 1990, after Alfred Crompton, a paleontologist who studied early mammals.

Adelobasileus is a rare and important fossil that helps us understand how mammals evolved from their reptilian ancestors.

Example of the color palette for the image of Adelobasileus

Picture with primary colors of Deep coffee, Tan, Bistre, Smoky black and Cafe au lait
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
See these colors in NCS, PANTONE, RAL palettes...
NCS (Natural Color System)
NCS S 5020-Y90R
RAL Classic
RAL 8007
RAL 1001
RAL 3007
RAL 9005
RAL 1011
RAL Design
RAL 030 30 20
RAL 060 70 20
RAL 080 20 10
RAL 170 20 20
RAL 040 50 30
RAL Effect
RAL 350-6
RAL 310-3
RAL 330-1

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