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Who is a Skeleton?

Skeleton is walking in front of a full moon with trees in the background
Skeleton like Skeleton with a large metal arm and a large metal helmet on his head and arms
Skeleton in the water with a forest in the background is a river with a body of water and trees
Skeleton standing in a room with a window and a clock in the background with a green light behind it
Skeleton standing in front of a castle entrance with a castle in the background and a lake in the foreground
Skeleton is running in the moonlight with a full moon in the background photo by matt shaw / shutterstocker
Skeleton standing in a tunnel with a fish tank in the background
Skeleton in the water with a full moon in the background
Skeleton is standing in a cave with a Skeleton in it's arms and legs
A skeleton is a fantasy creature that is usually depicted as a reanimated corpse of a human or an animal, with only bones and no flesh.

Skeletons are often associated with dark magic, necromancy, or undead forces.

They are typically mindless servants of their masters, who can control them with spells or commands.

Skeletons are usually hostile to living beings, and can attack with their claws, teeth, or weapons.

Some skeletons may have special abilities, such as casting magic, wearing armor, or wielding enchanted weapons.

Skeletons are common enemies in many fantasy games, books, and movies.

Some examples of skeleton characters are:
  • The Army of the Dead from The Lord of the Rings, who were cursed by Isildur to never rest until they fulfilled their oath to him.
  • The Skeletal Warriors from Diablo, who were summoned by the Necromancer class to fight alongside them.
  • The Skeleton King from Minecraft Dungeons, who was the ruler of the desert temple and wielded a powerful golden sword.
  • The Sans from Undertale, who was a friendly and humorous skeleton who liked to make puns and play pranks.
  • The Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, who was the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town and wanted to celebrate Christmas instead.

Example of the color palette for the image of Skeleton

Picture with primary colors of Liver, Smoky black, Lavender gray, Anti-flash White and Cafe noir
Top 5 color shades of the illustration. Arranged in descending order of frequency of occurrence (first - more often, last - more rare).
See these colors in NCS, PANTONE, RAL palettes...
NCS (Natural Color System)
NCS S 6502-R
NCS S 9000-N
NCS S 1510-R90B
NCS S 0510-R70B
NCS S 7010-Y50R
RAL Classic
RAL 7024
RAL 9005
RAL 7035
RAL 9016
RAL 8016
RAL Design
RAL 360 30 05
RAL 170 20 20
RAL 300 80 05
RAL 340 92 05
RAL 050 20 16
RAL Effect
RAL 850-6
RAL 790-5
RAL 820-1
RAL 120-2
RAL 330-6

What does a Skeleton look like?

Skeleton statue is standing on a city street with a green planter in the foreground and a storefront in the background
Skeleton on a rock in a forest with flowers in the background and a full moon in the sky
Skeleton walking down a dirt road in a forest with trees and bushes in the background
Skeleton is standing in a field of grass with a glowing light behind it and a green background behind it
Skeleton is standing in the middle of a street in a city with tall buildings in the background and a Skeleton walking by
Skeleton is walking through a forest with a stream in the foreground and a waterfall in the background
Group of skeletons standing in front of a graveyard with bats flying overhead and a full moon in the background
Skeleton standing in a large hall with a window in the background and a light coming through the window
A skeleton is a type of undead creature that is often found in fantasy stories and games.

A skeleton is usually the animated remains of a human or an animal that has lost all its flesh and organs.

Skeletons are often hostile to the living and may attack with claws, swords, axes, or bows.

Skeletons are usually weak to fire and holy magic, and may be healed by dark magic or life-draining abilities.

Some examples of skeletons in fantasy are:
  • The Skeletons from the Final Fantasy series, which are common enemies that appear in many games.
    They often wield bone weapons and can cast spells like Fire or Drain.
    They are weak to fire and holy elements and can be revived by dark magic.
  • The Skeletons from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, which are undead creatures created by necromantic magic.
    They can be of any size and shape, depending on the creature they were in life.
    They follow the commands of their creators or act on their own if left uncontrolled.
    They are immune to cold, poison, and mind-affecting effects, but vulnerable to bludgeoning weapons and positive energy.
  • The Skeletons from the Diablo video game series, which are the reanimated corpses of fallen warriors and adventurers.
    They serve the forces of evil and attack the heroes with various weapons and skills.
    They can be summoned by necromancers or other powerful enemies, such as the Skeleton King or Diablo himself.
    They are resistant to physical damage, but weak to fire and holy damage.

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