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Where does the Yellow-eyed live?

The yellow-eyed is a species of penguin that lives in New Zealand.
It breeds along the eastern and south-eastern coastlines of the South Island, as well as Stewart Island, Auckland Islands, and Campbell Islands.
The yellow-eyed penguin is endangered due to various threats, such as habitat loss, predation, disease, climate change, and human disturbance.
It is a shy and solitary bird, and it prefers to nest in forest or scrub.

What does the Yellow-eyed look like?

The yellow-eyed penguin is a bird
That lives in New Zealand, so I've heard
It has a band of yellow feathers
Around its eyes and head, like leathers

Its body is mostly black and white
But its eyes are yellow, very bright
It likes to eat fish from the sea
And nests on land, under a tree

It is related to the crested kind
But it is the only one you'll find
Of its genus, Megadyptes, that's its name
The yellow-eyed penguin is quite tame

But sadly, it is endangered too
Because of humans and what they do
They pollute the water and the land
And take away its habitat so grand

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